Sales & Marketing Management

Get your information faster as every time a transaction is posted, anywhere within the system, all customer, vendor, account, and item totals are given in real time. You can zero in on details by filtering information (i.e, - by date, account, or item number) and always rely on the absolute accuracy of the information. Get more out of customer relationships with all of your business information such as customer, product, inventory, sales that are integrated in, so you can make better informed companywide decisions. You know which accounts need your immediate attention, and which can wait. And you can target your Sales & Marketing campaigns based on specific criteria, such as; Sales, Contact Profiles, and Previous Interactions.

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ITA Dynamics is the representative of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ENWIS software with sole distribution rights within the USA, Canada, & Mexico for this system, with implementation and upgrading expertise for waste services and recycling businesses.


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