Waste & Recycling Case Studies

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ENWIS (ENterprise Waste Information Software) has 400+ customers worldwide. The baseline Microsoft Dynamics NAV system has 100,000+ customers globally. And all other Microsoft applications and platforms in conjunction with their Dynamics line business systems are represented by 1,000,000+ companies in every country in the world.

There are numerous additional market areas of NAV case studies hyperlinked below for each category where ENWIS will continue to spread into as the all of the world's businesses move steadily towards greater sustainability, a closed loop process, and achieving zero waste in all of their operations.

Demolition Materials Recycling (Building & Construction)

Electronic / E-Waste Recycling (High Tech & Electronics)

Food / Bio-Waste & Water Recycling / Composting (Food & Beverage)

Oil, Gas, & Chemical Recycling / Refining (Oil, Gas, & Chemical)

Plastic / Rubber Recycling

Paper Recycling / Secure Document Destruction

Residential Waste Disposal

Scrap Metal Recycling (Metal / Automotive)

Additional Waste & Recycling Verticals

Other Microsoft Waste & Environmental Case Studies

Future Waste & Recycling Markets

       Consumer Goods
       Industrial Equipment & Machinery
       Manufacturing & Distribution
       Transportation & Logistics

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