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Since 2019 Graybill Processing LLC has utilized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ENWIS as its ERP business software system. Since 1987 Graybill Processing LLC has been providing food manufacturers with a landfill alternative in collection, transportation, and recycling of all non-hazardous waste for processing at their 55,000 sq/ft facility in Pennsylvania to blend and create a high energy animal feed corn alternative or a valued compostable material. Graybill’s by-product diversion efforts have saved: 100K+ lbs of waste per year, 13K+ mature trees (=165M+ sheets of paper), 2.8M KW/hr of electricity (=217 homes annual), 275K+ gallons of oil (= heat & cool 1210 homes annual), 4.2M gallons of water (= 56K people for 1 day), 14.4K gallons of gasoline (= 403K miles driven), 43K+ tons of CO2 emmissions (112K+ cars off the road per year), $3M+ in landfill costs, and delivered $1.4M in rebates all for its 100+ customers.