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We have specialized services and solutions for many different sectors within the waste and recycling industries. Here are just a few examples:



Have full visibility into sales and inventory streams of recycling material, analyse different organizations, both financially and from an inventory standpoint, with a comprehensive vision of it.

Material Recovery Facilities

Stabilize fees and increase competitiveness when separating and preparing materials for marketing to manufacturers.



In an ever changing recycling industry, find the best solutions for Recyclable Waste Producers, Traders, and Dual System companies.


Keep all your business processes under control, from weighting materials and reducing paperwork, to CRM, increasing liquidity for your company.



Control your fleet and employees with extended functionalities in dispatching and scheduling including online connection of all vehicles and personnel in the system and on a map.

Hazardous Waste

Handle the complexities of hazardous waste disposal with important features for detailed material classification and official documentation as required with regulatory compliance laws.

Hazardous waste sign on chain link fence. Oil barrels in background. 3D rendered illustration.

Metals & Scrap

Discover our specially developed platform solution for the scrap and metal trade, an intuitively operable tool that efficiently covers the entire range of your business processes.

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