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Hazardous Waste

tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) for Hazardous Waste and industrial Services allows you to manage complex services in highly regulated environment. Whether it be tank cleaning, clinical waste or industrial waste, with hazardous waste disposal. It is critical to have a system that not only follows regulations, but also provides visibility and auditability that they are being followed.

tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) supports the structure of complex services, including materials, vehicles, equipment, tools, and skilled personnel. Job costing ensures a profitable business. The depth of functionality allows regulatory compliance at a global and local level, supporting material classification, analysis, packaging and custody throughout the process.

Material Custody & Classification

Hazardous material requires detailed chain of custody tracking and classification throughout the disposal process. tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) supports not just EPA classification, but analysis down to the chemical component level where necessary. The results comparison with targets and benchmarks support the classification and demonstrate process adherence.

Optimized Planning

Many resources can impact the success of hazardous and industrial services. tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) brings together the compacity and availability of vehicles, tools, personnel, containers and material processing facilities to optimize a complex industrial services operation. Capturing all costs allows accurate job costing and reliable billing.

Official Documents

Whilst material classification often follows international standards, official documentation also has local stringent controls. tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) is designed at the core to meet national and international standards, including trans-frontier shipments (TFS), department of transportation (DOT), Annex vii, but also produce either paper or electronic documents for many individual countries. The ability for tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) to evolve as regulatory requirements change ensures it will always meet the needs in the most efficient manner for each territory.


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