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Waste Brokerage

tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) is the only officially certified Microsoft waste brokerage software system in existence; bringing transparency, visibility, and accountability to all waste streams and material life cycle processes. It allows you to drive new revenue, better customer service, and gain greater visibility into all waste material streams for maximum operational efficiency and into all financial revenue streams for greater accountability.

Waste brokers help companies manage, organize, create, and view their waste streams. Their goal is to help clients lower costs, reduce their environmental footprint, and create “closed loop” life cycle manufacturing.

Waste moves from haulers who transport, landfills that receive, and recyclers that try to separate and transform it into valued material. Waste brokers have the unique challenge of managing all 3 relationships and accounting for all material, reporting to the customer, making certain corporate goals are being met, and while having visibility into all streams across all city, state, and country lines.

To increase profitability you need to manage prospects, have visibility into their waste streams, and convert more of them into customers. This occurs by reducing costs for customers, increasing rebates, reducing customer risk / liabilities of contaminated material, and identification of where there are opportunities for reverse logistics / life cycle resourcing.

To drive increasing revenue and to achieve more mutually beneficial relationships with business partners you must have visibility into both the “upstream” and “downstream” logistics of a waste stream. Understanding patterns, prices, costs, and risks is the whole point of visibility. Where does material come from, where does it go, what does it become, who provides the service, what are the costs, how do they compare to others, and how does it affect the bottom line, are all questions that need to be answered, but are only answered if you have all the information in 1 picture. Microsoft tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) with Microsoft Power BI reporting provides the tools to be able to collect and understand all of that information together.

tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) is a Microsoft device independent application that allows its users access into all areas of the business from anytime, anywhere, and no matter where you fall into the waste stream. From vendors (i.e. Haulers, Landfills, Recyclers), to customers (i.e. diversion, request pickup, paying a bill), to staff (sensor readings, analysis and OCR, etc.).

All companies want information to know if they are meeting their company’s goals, and to quantify / measure how their efforts are adversely affecting or the reverse, benefiting their company and the environment. All companies generate waste or “valued material.” They need to be prepared for more of the coming closed loop legislation. They can add an additional revenue stream to their bottom line. Making the world a better place doesn’t have to be in opposition to making more money and it can be more profitable doing the right thing when you have all the data.


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