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Contract Management & Trading

The process-oriented depiction of your business processes in Dynamics 365 BC tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) sales orders enables you to ensure that your business scenarios/models are processed smoothly. Even complex logistical processes at the yard or out on routes (delivery, pickup, container drop-off) can be reflected in sales orders and planned easily. Pre-definable document templates guide the user through the creation of documents (quotes, contracts, sales orders) with an assistant function. This keeps error rates low even when you are setting up complex business processes, ensuring a uniform structure for all types of documents for all departments.

Whether you are working with recurring, cyclical sales orders or one-time orders – sales orders are quick and easy to both create and collate. Sales orders are easy to generate from existing quotes or framework agreements, with minimal manual effort.

Dynamics 365 BC tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) supports all invoice types (invoices, corrected invoices and credit note procedures). Individual or combined invoices, including credit notes, can be emailed to customers directly from tegossuite (formerly ENWIS). Which saves time and ensures fast billing.

The customer task site plan is the nerve center of the operations department. All relevant information and functions can be accessed from this central point. Historical data on business partners, including invoices, sales orders, and container movements, can be viewed here. You can also create new quotes or sales orders directly from the customer task site plan.


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