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Scale House / Weighbridge

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) gives you a Scale House fully integrated into your software. Weighing is thus done directly from the software, with no need for the user to leave the application. Since the scale is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC tegossuite (formerly ENWIS), the scale ticket gives you direct access to all relevant data (sales order, contract, material, EWC categorization, etc.). Possible service errors, visual inspections, refusals, or other events can also be recorded directly, in a structured form, in the scale ticket. The scale ticket number is copied along directly until the invoice is posted..

From floor scales for small quantities, forklift scales for moving bales, to truck scales for heavy-duty vehicles – Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) can connect all scale types for entry and shipment weighing. Manual weighing, with manual input of a weight, can also be depicted and properly recorded if desired of course as well.

Besides access to sales orders that have already been dispatched and “only” need to be weighed, new sales orders can also be created directly from the weighbridge. An “Open Weighing” list helps you keep an overview of all the vehicles that are still awaiting shipment weighing.

Scale Ticket

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