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Many waste disposal operators find that integrating a dispatching and telematics solution into their industry software is indispensable. Depending on your needs and the size of your fleet, you can expand the depiction of your dispatching in tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) however you wish. By connecting a minimal configuration of a dispatching solution, you can summarize sales orders into routes based on a wide range of criteria (such as order type code), and then plan and dispatch the appropriate resources. The ease of shifting orders from one route to another offers your dispatcher the necessary flexibility to respond and reschedule quickly.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) supports in managing the resources (staff, vehicles, equipment) you need to carry out sales orders. Available capacity (including per shift) and planned absences are covered for each resource. tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) thus ensures effective, resource-conserving route planning and organization.

Graphical route visualization and easy planning for recurring routes are also possible. That means recurring routes (such as collector routes) can be conveniently managed by way of route plans and contracts. Route plans can be used, whether cyclically or manually, to generate convenient routes when needed. The customer task site plan offers an easy-to-read display of your available and free resource capacities in terms of various criteria, such as sites, shifts, etc.

Integrate telematics module is offered to give you a better overview of your vehicles’ current locations, and how far their pickup schedules have been completed. Vehicle related data (consumption, travel times, position, etc.) and quantities and receptacles picked up are all recorded automatically and fed directly into the order processing function.


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