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Our Services

Discovery Analysis

ITA Dynamics follows the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology process for client engagement success. An introdutory Discovery phase begins the analysis to gain an understanding of the operational processes that your company is involved with. This Analysis consists essentially of a couple days to as much as a week long engagement.


The goal of the Design phase is to define how the business requirements will be implemented. The phase includes configuration of the overall Microsoft Dynamics solution and the design of specific customizations needed to satisfy business requirements identified during the Analysis phase.


Applying deep industry knowledge and Microsoft Sure Step methodology, with Dynamic Consulting professional services we can help you implement and setup Microsoft Dynamics for unique business requirements. We offer both the traditional full on premise software system implementation services as well as now the newly available hosted implementation and services options on The Cloud. Either way this will provide a platform from which you can grow and improve your business while driving down operational costs.


Customers use Microsoft Dynamics in many different ways depending on their individual roles and industry needs. That is why Dynamic Training offers users different training solutions and experiences depending on the needs of the individual. Dynamic Training offers a wide variety of training courses and formats from onsite to online. Dynamic Training is a complete process for implementation and professional services, training, and support designed with your success in mind.

Hosting on the Cloud

tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) Cloud – Many small and medium size customers need a simple “off the shelf” solution that can be deployed rapidly and be available anywhere. For organizations that have limited or no IT staff the cloud solution provides the best practices of the specific Waste & Recycling industry and creates a close to complete “out of the box” solution. An “al-la-Carte” offering, customers can pick and choose what functions they need, when they need it. They are presented simple spreadsheets to fill out and their new system is deployed in a matter of weeks not months as traditional on premise implementations take.

Customer Support

We know how important customer support is to your business. That is why we are committed to answering your questions and resolving your issues fast and effectively. Support options are complemented by our extensive library of detailed online help and other resources as FAQs, online users guides, online training, videos, and other tips on how to get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics business software. When you have questions
or need help the support team is available online or over the phone.