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Data Analytics (Business Intelligence)

Business Insights with Microsoft Power BI tegossuite

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Business intelligence and analytics from Microsoft Power BI can be customized, extended, and embedded in applications using our comprehensive set of APIs and fully documented SDK libraries.

Power BI Connector for tegossuite NA

Microsoft Power BI reports allow users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central tegossuite North America to access predefined financial reports generated for the application.  These pre-established reports allow users to have a starting point on using the MS D365 BC TS NA application and MS Power BI from day one, so organizations don’t have to start from scratch to create reports.  Immediately start using your data and reporting tools to make changes to these existing reports or even create your own brand-new reports easily.  Our Power BI reports for tegossuite NA allows users to start getting information as soon as the app is loaded.

Financial Analysis for tegossuite NA

Our Financial Power BI Reports available are:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Income Statement
  3. Cash Flow
  4. Retained Earnings

Operations Analysis for tegossuite NA

Our Operational Power BI Reports available are:

  1. Inbound Report
  2. Outbound Report
  3. Inventory Report
  4. Production Report

Material Diversion Analysis for tegossuite NA

Our Material Diversion Power BI Reports available are:

  1. Diversion Report
  2. Diversion by Customer Report

Profit & Loss Analysis for tegossuite NA

Our Profit & Loss Power BI Reports available are:

  1. Profitability by Route Report
  2. Profitability by Line of Business and Contract Report
  3. Profitability by Customer Report
  4. Profitability by Location Task Site Report

Metal Management Analysis for tegossuite NA

Our Metal Management Analysis Power BI Reports available are:

  1. Coming Soon!
  2. Coming Soon!