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Welcome to ITA Dynamics

We offer the only Microsoft business software system for the Waste & Recycling community; a single business software application that helps manage all information, communication, people, and processes for every department and functional area.


Manage your cash flow, inventory, payables, and fixed assets while leveraging best practices for accounting.


Accept orders, dispatch vehicles, and manage routes and logistics with onboard computers for real-time data integration.


Administer containers, schedule maintenance, and track history of their usage.


Plan purchases, order processing and take care of waste inspection and laboratory.


Manage loads of material by controling inbound and outbound loads, improving visibility, and tracking transfers.


Respond to customer service requests, organize resources for maximum efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Business Central tegossuite (formerly ENWIS)

Microsoft’s tegossuite (formerly ENWIS) is a completely integrated application covering every department functionality needed for waste and recycling.

With MS D365 BC tegossuite (formerly ENWIS), you can:

  • Increase the ratio of customers per employee
  • Improve the visibility of materials
  • Boost revenue by lowering costs
  • Everything in one centralized system
  • Access to continuous reporting and analytics
ENWIS 365 Business Central